Gluten Free Essentials Box

10 pint cans from Arbor’s Gluten Free range, with Pale Ales, IPAs and Helles Lager, plus an Arbor branded glass.

2x568ml Mosaic GF 4%

2x568ml Motueka GF 4%

2x568ml Days Like This GF 4.7%

2x568ml Magic Mountain GF 6%

2x568ml Helles Lager GF 4.2%


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Arbor Essentials Box

Alc Vol
UK Units
A selection of Arbor favourites, bursting with hop flavour and aroma, and an Arbor branded pint glass. 2x568ml Mosaic Gluten Free 4% 2x568ml Shangri-la 4.2% 2x568ml ZZ Hop 4.3% 2x568ml C Bomb 4.7% 2x568ml My Little Sabrony.5%

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