Arbor Essentials Box

A selection of Arbor favourites, bursting with hop flavour and aroma, and an Arbor branded pint glass.

2x568ml Mosaic Gluten Free 4%

2x568ml Shangri-la 4.2%

2x568ml ZZ Hop 4.3%

2x568ml C Bomb 4.7%

2x568ml My Little Sabrony.5%


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Gluten Free Essentials Box

Alc Vol
UK Units
10 pint cans from Arbor's Gluten Free range, with Pale Ales, IPAs and Helles Lager, plus an Arbor branded glass. 2x568ml Mosaic GF 4% 2x568ml Motueka GF 4% 2x568ml Days Like This GF 4.7% 2x568ml Magic Mountain GF 6% 2x568ml Helles Lager GF 4.2%

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